Home Loans in Orange County Far Above Being Underwater

Fewer underwater mortgage holders, but Las Vegas still at the top of the mountain.  The share of Las Vegas homeowners who are underwater continues to move downward, but it continues to be the highest of all large U.S. cities. As of January, 2016,  22.1 percent of Southern Nevada homeowners with home loans owe more than […]

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2016 Loan Limits Rise in 4 California Counties

On, December 16, 2015, the Federal Housing Administration made available the maximum mortgage limits for 2016. Loan limits will be going up for 188 counties as a result of appreciation in home values, and absolutely no counties in the U.S. will see their loan limits decreased. In California, among the areas benefiting from increased loan […]

Investing for Cash Flow or Appreciation

In California, it is not an easy task to find residential real estate that offers investors high cash-flow for a couple of reasons. Prices for people buying homes as their primary residence are driven up by strong demand. Residential investment properties are priced for speculation and not cash flow. This means the property is being […]

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Is it OK to Switch Lenders while in Underwriting with 1st Lender?

Here’s a great example fo why you would switch. Your loan officer is claiming that you will be approved within adequate time for closing but because you were never completely comfortable with the loan officer or lender, you want switch to a different lender. Then you have uncertainties about if the second lender can approve […]

Will Higher Interest Rates Hurt Real Estate?

Overall higher interest rates will not impact homeowners too much with just a .25% increase. This should comfort existing homeowners who monitor their equity along with prospective home buyers nervous about their new purchase.   The Federal Reserves’ short-term interest rates have been at zero going back to December 2008. The moment the Fed truly […]

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4 Different Practical Ways to Find Out How Much House You Can Afford

Buying a house for yourself or family is always a time to be very alert throughout the process and to know what is expected for all parties involved. Before making an offer on a home to buy, you need to be sure of how much you can “afford”.  Your local mortgage lender should able to […]

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Are Any Lender Fees Negotiable So My Closing Costs Can Be Lower?

Actually, a better way to ask the question — and to find an acceptable answer about lowering closing costs — may be to ask what fees are non-negotiable. In most areas, there are only a few “set in stone” fees that automatically appear in either the buyer’s or the seller’s column. What Fees Must Be […]

Mortgage Approval Or Prequalification When Buying A Home

The old saying that goes ” A person’s home is their castle” is just as true now as it was a long time ago. That is why even though buying a home is one of the largest investments that most people will make in their lifetimes, most Americans who rent their accommodations would still like […]

Mortgage approval or prequalification

Mortgage Approval

Will Mortgage Loan Guidelines Become Easier for Borrowers?

Are the recent rule changes and comments in January made by Mel Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, a clue that government and mortgage bankers are in agreement in the methods they can make it easier for borrowers to get a mortgage loan. A couple of initiatives are on the plate for the […]