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Amazingly low mortgage rates suggest a low payment for you

You may want to consider refinancing if your goal is to reduce your interest rate for a lower monthly payment. Some of the benefits of lowering your mortgage rate is you can use the excess money to add to your savings, pay off the loan quicker, pay more towards other debts, put money aside for college or university tuition, or something else.

Chances are you can save money if your interest rate is 1% above today's current rates. Some loan programs have a cost, and some don't.

You might benefit from paying points if you will own your home for a long time. To find out if paying points will be right for you, running the numbers will provide some insight. Use our refinance calculators or discuss it with one of our licensed mortgage originator.

Why you should choose 1st Nationwide

An advisor will let you know about the break-even period to recoup the costs and show you other options like what your payment will be with an adjustable rate mortgage as opposed to a 30-year fixed.

You may want to consider paying points to lower your rate if:

  • you're going for a fixed-rate mortgage
  • you plan on owning the home

Our most popular loan options for lowering your monthly mortgage payment

  1. FHA Loan
    Refinance out of an ARM with a fixed-rate loan using the government-insured FHA loan. Find out if you could refinance without an appraisal with our simple and quick FHA Streamline.
  2. 30-Year Loan
    Looking for a more traditional loan option? Lock in today with a 30-year fixed.
  3. Adjustable Rate Mortgage
    Get the lowest rate available with a 5- or 7- year ARM and potentially pay thousands less over a traditional fixed rate mortgage for the first 5 or 7 years of your loan.
  4. VA Loan
    Get a low rate and payment with the VA loan if you’re a qualified veteran, military member, or spouse. Ask us if you are eligible for the great benefits of a VA loan!



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