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Vacation Home Financing

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Getting a Mortgage for your Vacation Home

Let us find the right mortgage loan to meet your requirements. Our company has a number of mortgage choices to help you finance the purchase of a second home, in some cases with only a 10-percent down payment.

Think about your plans

Do you see yourself at some point living in the vacation home year round? If so, consider it a good long-term asset as homes values may increase.

Do you want your vacation home to be smaller for less maintenance?

Do you intend to rent the residence when you're not occupying it?

Our licensed loan originators will help you fully grasp what's involved in buying a second home, the down payment, and the loan products for you.

Additionally, they can refer you to a tax professional who can advise you about benefits such as potential tax write-offs on your second home.

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Why Let 1st Nationwide Assist with Financing?

- In competitive vacation area markets, a loan pre-approval is an essential step before you start viewing homes.
- We review your finances, to make sure your debt-to-income ratios are in-line.

Loans for Vacation Homes
For those buying a second home in high-cost areas like San Diego, coastal cities in California, Seattle or upscale areas in Texas where homes and condos are priced $500k and up, a jumbo loan is likely required along with at least a 20-percent down payment or more.


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