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Upgrading to a larger home?

Common reasons why people move-up in a home is because they have outgrown their current home due to a bigger family or they are earning significantly more income and able to afford a more luxurious home.

Following are some other reasons for moving to a bigger home:

- Having extra space: An extra room or two for your family, for your work, for your vehicle(s), or personal interests.

- Improved features in the home: A better home will have more amenities that you can afford with a higher income.

- An open space floor plan: A larger kitchen, spacious living area, and play room for the kids.

- Potential tax credit: In the recent past, homebuyer tax credits were offered to buyers as an incentive.

Benefits of going with 1st Nationwide as your Lender

  • Knowledgeable Direct Lender with 100s of loan products to offer.
  • Process is smooth and simple with experienced staff.

Popular Loans For Buying a More Luxurious Home

Typically, a more luxurious home will require a loan above $417,000, and that falls in the jumbo loan category which 1st Nationwide has plenty to offer. Choices range from 5, 7, 10 Year Fixed ARMs to the 30-year fixed mortgage.


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