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Mortgage Approval with Only 12 Months Bank Statements


Here’s a great low doc loan program for borrowers who are "self-employed".  Borrowers can provide 12 months of bank statements to qualify for a home loan without tax returns.

Yes you heard correctly! This loan does not require Tax Returns!
You simply provide your personal bank statements or your business/corporate bank statements to get approved.
If you are buying a home and had low income reported on your tax returns use this program in lieu of full-doc programs  with just 15%-30% down on primary residence or as much as 85% loan to value on refinances without cash out.

It is only available for California properties.   If you have a vacation home or 1-4 unit property that will qualify as well but at lower loan to value limits.  Below is a quick chart to use and see our guidelines quickly

Buy a house in Laguna Beach as a primary residence,that is listed for $1,450,000. Your agent negotiates it down to $1,400,000, now you can use the maximum loan amount of $1,000,000 under the 12 Month Bank Statement Program.

Get a Bank Statement Loan Quote and lock in Your Approval Today!

Quick Guidelines

Bank Statement Program


Property Use Purchase & Refinance Cash Out Refinance
Primary & Second Homes 85% 75%
Investment Property 75% 65%


  Loan Amounts  
Minimum Maximum Cash Out Maximum
$100,000 $1,500,000 $300,000


Months Income Credit
12 Personal Bank Statements Average of Deposits Minimum FICO 680
24 Personal Bank Statements Average of Deposits Minimum FICO 620
24 Business Bank Statements 100% Business Deposits and unaudited P&L Minimum FICO 620



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