Do New Conventional Loans Compete Against Government Loans?

  Government-backed Home Loans FHA home mortgage loans offer home buyers a excellent low-down payment solution at 3.5% for various income and credit score tiers. Even with credit below 580, the down payment is attractive at 10% down. Then, you have the zero down payment options from the VA and USDA loan programs helps specific […]

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Bank Statements: Lenders Don’t Want To See These 3 Items

Evaluate Your Documentation Prior to Giving It To The Lender When you purchase a home using a mortgage, you’ll need to verify your income and liquid assets through documented proof. Additionally, your downpayment will need to be sourced and must be an acceptable source per the lender’s guidelines. In most cases, it means providing bank […]

Low Dow Payment Mortgage Considerations

As you get into your 30s, found “the one” you want to put a ring on, the idea of cementing your roots in one place and calling it home have grown more and more attractive. So, you may find yourself searching homes for sale on local Orange County real estate sites or Zillow a few […]

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Best Low Down Payment Programs for Home Buyers

While many prospective home buyers focus solely on interest rates, an equally, if not more significant item, is the availability of mortgage programs that help buyers. This includes those purchasing for the first time in three years known as first-time home buyers. First-time home buyers made up one-third of home sales in June 2016, which […]

Still Don’t Have Your Pre-Approval Letter?

There is one particular document just about all home buyers should have prior to viewing a home they are considering making an offer on. It’s known as a pre-approval letter. Most licensed real estate agents and won’t make an appointment for you to see the inside of home without that all important document. In high […]

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Methods to Homeownership for Military Families

For a good number of families, becoming a homeowner will be their biggest investment. Now if you factor in military families who have to move a lot, home buying gets a little more complicated. Fortunately, special tax rules were designed to help military families who decide to rent out their homes when they are transferred […]

4 Questions You Need to Know Before Buying a Home

How Much Home Can You Afford? This is one of the top questions home buyers have. Having said that, it may be the incorrect question in terms of your finances. Rather than trying to afford the highest home price a lender tells you, it may be better to figure out the maximum monthly payment you […]

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Qualify for a Mortgage With a Non-Occupying Co-Borrower

Sometimes a little assistance is needed to get started in life when you don’t qualify on your for a car or a home loan. The solution many use to get a cosigner. A cosigner, essentially a co-borrower, is someone who signs a law binding agreement to repay the loan based on a number of set […]

Q&A on Orange County FHA Loans

Orange County FHA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What defines a mortgage as an FHA loan? It is a mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The loan is not made by the government but is it insured against borrower default with its mortgage insurance aspect which is significant. What are the primary benefits […]

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Enticing Loan Programs for Orange County First-time Home Buyers

If you are a first-time home buyer determined to find a property? The following are tips to find out if you’re prepared to begin the process. Become familiar with the selling prices of homes in your desired location. Conduct a search on the MLS for listings in your area from a local realtor’s website, or […]