Easier Qualifying for Borrowers with Student Loan Debt

Due to a recent decision by Fannie Mae, getting approved for a mortgage when you have student loan debt will be a lot less difficult. Fannie Mae recently announced a few new changes that will help borrowers with student loan debt be eligible for mortgage financing. For the 44 million American borrowers carrying a total […]

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Renting in Orange County is now even less affordable

Competition for housing makes renting more costly It seems renting—particularly on single-family homes—is continuing its trend higher. And based on studies from one industry player, that means bad news for renters. House rents averaged $3,114 a month in Orange County during the fourth quarter of 2016, according to Irvine-based HomeUnion, a company that helps investors […]

How First-time Buyers Can Save Money After Closing

You just closed on your first-ever home purchase and some nerves are alleviated. As a renter you were not responsible for repairs that were due to wear and tear paid much attention to the utility bills if that was included in the rent. In any event, your home is now yours and it’s considered an […]

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An Overview of the Powerful Benefits of a VA Home Loan

It cannot be stresed enough how fortunate we are to have military personnel protect the freedoms we enjoy in this great country. During and after our dedicated military members are stateside, they deserve the benefits they receive for serving their country. Below are some of the great features VA eligible borrowers can enjoy when buying […]

How Much Home Can I Afford Using a VA Home Loan in California?

Many armed forces members say to themselves, I am in the military and want to buy a home in California. What is the most I can afford to borrow?” This is one of the many questions we get from active duty military service people and veterans who want to use their VA benefits to buy […]

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homebuyer facts vs myths

9 Home Buyer Myths and Facts

For many consumers the decision to buy a home is one of the largest purchases of their lives. Many home buyers will be new to the process or haven’t owned a home in the last three years.  It can be confusing to know what is true and what is a myth. The following are the […]

Down Payment Gift Rules for Borrowers

For low and moderate-income borrowers with limited savings, including first-time homebuyers, it can be a struggle to come up with down payment funds, so a substantial amount of money can be donated or gifted to help them. In high-cost areas like Orange County, L.A., and San Diego counties, the maximum conventional loan limits are $636,150 […]

If I Choose a Realtor, Do I Need to Use Their Lender?

The answer is not crystal clear when it comes to using the Realtor’s preferred lender. You need to be certain that the lender you use works for you and not your agent. You are need to have honesty, the means to close on the agreed upon contract date and a well-informed lender who can provide […]

Cash-Out Refinance for Buyers with No Waiting Period

Are you aware that 25% of home purchase transactions are completed without any sort of financing? This comes from data provided by the National Association of REALTORS®.   However, these all-cash buyers are not far removed from using their own funds for very long. “Cash out” refinances are available to buyers without a mortgage just 24 […]

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How to Save on Your Mortgage by Managing Your Credit

Your credit score influences the price of anything you buy unless you pay for everything in cash. Having a credit score below 680 may make you pay a lot more than having credit scores over 680. The good news is it’s not so difficult to boost your score up a level that really benefits you. […]